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We firmly believe in the mantra 'nothing about us, without us' when it comes to films marginalised people and communities. the script has been tirelessly worked on in close consultation with transgender organisations and individuals since day 1, this has been vital  in developing a story that’s truthful and sensitive in it’s portrayal of a transgender experience, and the experience of close family members. 

Whilst transgender stories are making steady progress in the mainstream, MBIAM is a leap forward, bringing a trans story into new genre with a completely fresh perspective. We aim to make a universally human story that is celebratory, entertaining and full of wonder, but that confronts the difficult and often brutal realities faced by young transgender people in the UK.

We firmly believe in the importance of casting trans actors for trans roles, and have been very fortunate in finding our exceptionally talented lead; Cameron Maydale. Cameron has not only been a joy to watch on screen and work with on set, but has also been a great help in developing the script.

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